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Pictures Easy Scroll Saw Crafts

Toy Wizard Tips

Wood toys are exciting to craft for fun or profit. You can quickly and easily get started using our complete scroll saw plans, a few simple tools and easy to find materials.

Setting Up a Basic Toymaker Shop

All you need to get started is a scroll saw Later you can add a small manual or electric hand dnll and you'll have all the tools required to become a Toy Wizard.

You can buy your wood and supplies at a local home improvement store, hardware store or crafts store A bottle of woodworker's adhesive (glue), a pack of sandpaper and some small jars of paint complete your list.

If your workspace is limited you can assemble a temporary setup to make toys on your kitchen table. It is a good idea to keep a vacuum cJeaner handy to p>ck up sawdust as you work.

The cuts don't create a lot of waste material but vacuuming sawdust as you build insures a clean professionally built toy

Buy German Scroll Saw Patterns

Getting the scroll saw set up and ready.

Gathering the Materials and Supplies

Most home improvement centers and crafts stores will have everything you'll need to get started You'll v/ant to purchase woodworker's glue, sandpaper at 100 and 200 grit, and wood to begin with The toys are constructed from the lighter woods like spruce white pine and poplar

Lumber is commonly available in 1/8\ 1/4". 1/2' and 3/4'' thicknesses.

The thinner detailed toy parts require 1/8* and 1/4* wood thicknesses which can be sawn from a thicker piece of wood or purchased at these dimensions Ask for solid core or danish plywood laminates from your local crafts store All the toys in the book are designed around these readily available materials and supplies.

Scroll Saw Wood Toys
Dinosaurs are fun to make and have lois of play value.
Homemade Scroll Saw

1. Reviewing your materials and supplies.

2. Cutting out the book pattern copy.

3. Applying spray adhesive to the pattern

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