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/f 's fan to decorate the toys with non-toxic paints and stains or you can use vegetable based dyes polished with beeswax.

Crafts stores and other paint suppliers offer a selection of exciting and safe non-toxic colors in half-pint to quart size containers. The smallest of the containers of paint will usually coat several toys

Applying the Patterns to the Wood

The toy plans m this book are complete and detailed with full size drawings for every part of every scroll saw toy shown.

To save your book we recommend photo copying the scroll saw patterns in the book for each toy pattern that you apply to the wood

Rough cut the paper patterns out with scissors then apply the pattern to the wood v/ith standard crafting spray adhesive Details on how to apply patterns are found v/ith each full size scroll saw pattern set in this book

Cutting the Parts with a Scroll Saw

Each part is shaped with scroll saw cuts only. You'll find a lot of good suggestions in the Scroll Saw Operator's Manual that are packaged with your saw Please review the Operator's Manual often as a reminder to practice safe and responsible crafting

Sanding the Parts to Shape

The edges of each toy can be rounded for a finished look that adds a soft, smooth feel v/hen the toy is played with. A rounded edge also prevents damage to toy edges.

Scroll Saw Wood Patterns

4. Attaching the pattern to the wood.

5. Sawing out parts following pattern lines

6. Sanding the toy to smooth and shape

7. Applying glue to parts before clamping.

8. Clamping the sanded parts together.

9. Decorating the assembled toy.

Gluing the Parts Into Assemblies

A thin layer of woodworker's glue is applied to each toy part. Details on how to glue the toy parts are found with each full size scroll saw pattern set in the book.

Applying Final Touches to the Toy

After the parts are glued together and the glue is dry. lightly apply one coat of non-toxic paint to the assembled toy as a first-coat primer

First make sure the paint is thoroughly dry then sand the first coat until the part is smooth. Apply at least two mere coats of paint for a professional finish.

With planning you can make several of the dinosaurs and creatures in a few hours. And by using common lumber to keep your costs low you can build within your budget. So let's get started!

Fish Scroll Saw Pattern
Toy plants are fascinating and everyone loves tham
Letters Patterns For Scrow SawScroll Saw Wildlife Patterns

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