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The Mamenchisaurus was first discovered in 1952 at a highway construction site in Sichuan: China The Mamenchisaurus which lived 145 to 150 million years ago was a huge plant-eating dinosaur with a tremenctously elongated neck and long tail This dinosaur has the second longest neck of any known dinosaur. It is believed that Mamenchisaurus would have swung its neck in a giant arc eating everything it could eat, then taking a step forward to repeat the process again

Scientists used to think that Mamenchisaurus lived in sv/amps and floated its head at the top of the water where it could eat water plants This idea is no longer accepted. The Mamenchisaurus was about 70 to 80 ft long with a 46 ft long neck and a 45 ft long tail It's head was less than 2 ft long.

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