Scroll saw pattern

Scroll Saw Dinosaur Patterns

The Tnceratops is estimated to have reached about 30 ft in length. 10 ft in height and 6 to 12 tons in weight They lived 65 to 70 millions of years ago The most distinctive feature is their large skull which is among the largest of all land animals. The skull could grow to be over 7 ft in length and could reach almost a third of the length of the entire animal. It bore a single horn on the snout above the nostrils plus a pair of horns approximately 3 ft long v/ith one above each eye. Tnceratops name means Jthree horned face'. To the rear of the skull was a relatively short, bony frill. The enemy of the Triceratops and was Tyrannosaurus. Triceratops used its head and its horns to protect itself from enemies The size of the head and its thorny horn weapons on the Triceratops face kept enemies away

Triceratops Pattern


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