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Get It Straight

Good woodworking starts with straight, square edges, but a jointer isn't the only way to get them. The Joint-A-Billi-T is a fixture that clamps to a bench or stand and teams up with your router and a straight bit to cut glue-joint perfect edges. In addition to jointing solid stock, the portable Joint-A-Billi-T lets you cut rabbets, grooves and dadoes and square off large panels, doors and tablctops. The fixture comes in different models to accommodate different size stock. (Price: 60-in. model, $135; 96-in. model, $175) Gudeman Enterprises, Dept. AWT, Box 126, Goodfield, IL 61742, (309) 965-2183. Circle #616

Scraper Burnisher

Sharpening a turning scraper used to mean a trip to the grinding wheel to raise a fresh burr at the cutting edge. The Veritas Scrapcr Burnisher lets you raise a burr that will cut cleaner and last longer than one produced on a grinder alone—

even on high-speed-steel scrapers. After you've ground the initial bevel, you simply lay the scraper flat and rub the cutting edge against a special, cone-shaped carbide burnishing rod that's set in a machincd aluminum base. You can rcburnish the burr wo or three times before it's necessary to grind the bevel again. (Price: $29.95) Veritas Tools Inc., Dept. AWT, 12 E. River St., Ogdensburg, NY 13669. (800) 667-2986. Circle #617

Get Up and Go!

Occasionally even "stationary" machines must be moved, and it's backbreak-ing labor. But with the Vega MMK-1 Machinery Mover, one person can easily move machines up to 800 lbs. Since the mover's adjustable base will fit most machines (with bases 13 in. to 28 in. wide and 17 in. to 29 in. long), you only need one unit to handle most machines in your shop. The mover is also available in larger models to handle very big or odd-shaped machines. (Price: $99.95) Vega Enterprises, Dept. AWT, R.R. #3, Box 193, Decatur, IL 62.526, (800) 222-8342. Circle #618

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