Adjusting The

To begin the adjustment, insert a spindle blank in the jig, see drawing below.

adjusting headstock Now mount a core box bit in the router and lower it VV' below the base of the router, see Detail a.

Then to check the alignment, place the router on the runners where the taper is to begin. (For the spindles on the Shaker Bench, the taper starts 4V811 from the shoulder of the tenon, see Detail a in drawing.)

Next, check the distance between the bottom of the bit and the dowel. If everything is set up right, the spindle blank should just be touching the router bit, and the router should be resting flat on the runners. If any adjustments are necessary, raise or lower the headstock.

adjusting tailstock Now move the router to the other end of the runners and check the tail end of the blank, see Detail b in drawing. The bit should just touch the tenon. If necessary, adjust the tailstock just as you did for the headstock.

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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