Blade Selection

To select a band saw blade, the first question I ask is how tight a curve 111 cut. The narrower the blade, the smaller the circle it will cut.

blade width. So why not leave a narrow blade on your band saw all the time? It may cut circles well. But when resawing or cutting a straight line in thick stock, a narrow blade can bend or flex under pressure. The result is either a wavy cut or one that's not square but "barrel-shaped."

A narrow blade also heats up faster than a wide blade. If it gets too hot, the teeth will soften and dull, ruining the blade.

smooth or fast cut? The next question I ask when selecting a band saw blade is whether I want to cut quickly or end up with

Stroll-type Cuts: For tight circles, I use a W standard blade with lb tpi. It can cut a circle with a Va' radius, and it leaves a nice, smooth surface. But narrow blades need more support, refer to next page.

a smooth cut. There are two things that affect how a blade cuts. The pitch of the tooth and the tooth pattern.

pitch. Tooth pitch can throw you — it's not the angle or the slope of the teeth. It's the number of teeth per inch (tpi). The more teeth a blade has, the smoother the cut (Each tooth is cutting smaller shavings off the wood.) But because the shavings are smaller, you have to cut much slower. Otherwise the blade will get too hot.

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