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Recently, I came across an ad for a band saw blade called the "Wood Slicer." It's designed for resawing boards. The Wood Slicer is advertised to make very smooth, fast cuts, and it's said to be "extra durable." But it costs $30. Since 1 use my band saw for resawing, I decided to give one a try.

I wanted to compare it with other blades I'd used before (and really like) — a Lenox and an Olson. (Both cost about $10; for sources, see page 31.) To make sure I was comparing apples to apples, all three were Vi" hook tooth blades with 3 teeth per inch.

shop test. I ran a simple (but unscientific) test. I mounted each on my Delta 14" band saw and set the tension to the same point on the tension scale. Then I resawed a 5H-wide piece of hard maple. I timed how long it took to make the cut, then compared the finished surfaces.

I was surprised with the results. All three blades cut at about the same rate. And the surface of each board was equally smooth.

wood slicer blades. So why does the Wood Slicer cost $20 more? The folks at

Highland Hardware gave me some answers. (Highland Hardware owns the exclusive rights to the Wood Slicer.) They claim the Wood Slicer is manufactured much better than other band saw blades.

To begin with, the blade is made from a different type of steel than most band saw blades. This allows it to be 10% thinner than the typical (.025"-thick) band saw blade — without losing any of its strength.

They also mentioned the teeth on the Wood Slicer are precision set and individually filed. This reduces the tendency of the blade to lead or wander. And the teeth on the blade are hardened differently too.

Both Lenox and Olson harden their teeth by heat treating them. The teeth on the Wood Slicer are electronically hardened, so there's no chance of tempering problems during the manufacturing process.

One of the best things about the Wood Slicer is that Highland Hardware will stand behind it. If the blade breaks prematurely at the weld (where blades usually break), just send it back, and they will replace it.

choices. So is the Wood Slicer worth $30? From the tests I did, I'm not convinced. I could buy three Lenox or Olson blades for the price of one Wood Slicer. And for me, three blades will last quite awhile.

If you do a lot of resawing, you may want to consider the Wood Slicer. But, I've always had good luck with Lenox blades.


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