Cutting The Cove

To set up for cutting the cove, first adjust the height of the blade to the desired depth of the cove W), see Fig. 5.

Then, place the template on the saw table on the outfeed side of the blade and adjust the miter gauge angle to 56,° see Fig. 5. This determines the width of the cove (for a 10"-dia. saw blade).

GUIDE FENCE. Now, with the back edge of the template touching the front tooth of the blade, clamp a long, straight guide fence to the saw table, see Fig. 6.

second guide fence. When the guide fence is clamped in place, lower the saw blade and clamp a second guide fence to the other side of the workpiece, see photo at right and Fig. 7. Position this fence parallel to the first so the distance between the two is equal to the width of the workpiece (834").

cur cove. While cutting the cove, the drilled side of the slab (the spindle side) should be against the upper guide fence.

Shop Note: Cut the cove in multiple passes. Start with the blade Vie" high and then raise the blade between passes.

Safety Note: Use a push stick to keep your hands clear of the saw blade as the end of the slab passes through the blade.

oitfeed support. A word about balance — since the slab is long and awkward to handle, there must be some additional support for the piece as it leaves the saw

It's easier to cut a cove on a long workpiece with a pair of guides. And a platform (with a support leg) clamped between the guides keeps the piece from tipping down.

table. If you don't have an outfeed table, clamp a piece of plywood between the two guide fences to "lengthen" the saw table, see photo. This will catch the slab and support it as it extends off the end of the saw table.

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