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Once I've selected a blade, I want to keep it sharp as long as possible. There are a few things I do to extend the life of a blade. The most important is to make sure the band saw is well-tuned. (A good reference for this is Mark Duginske's Band Saw Handbook.)

I also back the tension off the blade after each day's use. (Shop Tip: Count the number of turns it takes to decrease the tension. It's easier to tension it again next time.)

round back. Another step I take to extend the life of a blade is to round the back edge. This decreases the wear on both the blade and the thrust bearings. And with a rounded back, the blade will cut curves more smoothly because there aren't any sharp corners to get hung up on.

To round the back of the blade, I use a file or a coarse stone (sometimes called a "tuning" stone, see page 31), see Fig. 1. While the saw is running, file an angle on both back corners. Then carefully round the back.

With smaller blades, round the back of the blade while cutting into a scrap of wood. This prevents the blade from being pushed offthe front of the band saw's wheels.

Safety Note: Because the stone will produce a lot of sparks, be sure to clean the sawdust out of your band saw before rounding the back of the blade.

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