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To make the legs for a bench, the Shakers would have used a lathe. But I wanted all the legs to be identical, so I shaped them from dowels using a shop-made jig, see the article beginning on page 18. Shop Note: On the legs, I also cut flutes on the ends of the tenons, see Fig. 23. To do this, refer to page 14.

stretchers. After the legs (C) have been shaped, they can be dry-assembled into the seat, see Fig. 23. This is to test the fit of the tenons, and also to measure for the stretchers (D). The stretchers are cut from a V8M-dia. dowel rod, see Fig. 24.

I used the router table with a core box bit to rout a round tenon on the ends of each stretcher, see Fig. 24a. (This is similar to the procedure shown for the table saw on p. 19.)

cut off bottoms. Before assembling the stretchers and legs, I cut the bottom off each leg so the bench would sit flat on the floor. To do this, place the bench on a large, flat surface. 0 used a door on the floor.)

Next, scribe around the bottom of each leg to indicate where the legs should be trimmed, see Fig. 25. Then remove the legs and trim off the ends. (1 labeled the legs so they wouldn't get mixed up later).

assemble legs & stretcher. Before the legs can be attached to the seat, a mortise must be drilled in each leg to accept the stretcher, see box below.

After the mortises are drilled, the stretchers can be glued into the legs, and the legs glued into the seat, see Fig. 26.


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