The four legs (A) are cut to size first, see Fig. 1. (I used ^4-thick birch plywood.) Then to prevent the edges of the plywood from splintering, I added edging (B) to the outsides.

Note: Hardwood plywood is usually a little less than V thick. But I still used V4"-thick birch for all the edging pieces. This way the edging could be planed flush with the plywood after it was glued on.

Shop Tip: To trim the edging flush without digging into the plywood, run a strip of masking tape beside the edging, see Fig. la. The tape protects the plywood and lets you know when to stop planing.

When the workbench is complete, the top of the bench rests right on the legs. So to make the top section easier to set in place, I routed a chamfer along the top edge of each leg, see Fig. lb.

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