Narrow blades

Band saw blades keep getting narrower (Vi6M and VgM-wide blades are now available). You can use them to cut very tight circles— just like a scroll saw. But because they're so narrow, they require more support.

thrust bearings. Thrust bearings keep the blade from being pushed off the wheels of the band saw. Usually, I set them V&t" behind the blade. But with narrow blades, I set the thrust bearings so they're touching the blade or even pushing it forward guide blocks. Using metal guide blocks is also a problem with narrow blades. They're supposed to support the sides of the blade, but if they contact the teeth, they can quickly dull the blade. And with Vie" or Vtf blades, there's not much blade to begin with.

Cool Blocks are one alternative to metal guide blocks (for sources, see page 31). These guides are made of a phenolic laminate instead of metal. So they can surround the blade without damaging the teeth, see photo at right And they don't create as much heat since they contain dry lubricants to make the blade run smoother and quieter.

But you do have to watch for one thing. Cool Blocks tend to wear down. So check them periodically to make sure the faces are both flat and against the blade. (They can be resurfaced with a file or sandpaper.)

Cool Blocks give extra support to narrow blades. They also contain a dry lubricant, so the blade runs smooth and quiet.

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