Portable Workbench

A hardware kit with all of the parts to build the Portable Workbench (shown on page 6) is available from Woodsrnith Project Supplies.

Note: You will need to cut the dowels, hinges, and threaded rod in the kit to fit. The wood and plywood needed to build the workbench are not included in the kit

• (4) Piano Hinges, W x 18", Brass Plated with Screws

• (4) Magnetic Cylinder Catches with Strikes and Screws

• (6) Draw Catches, Brass Plated with Screws

• (1) 1"-Dia. Dowel, 36" Long (For Bench Dogs and Cross Dowels)

• (2) V^'-Dia. Dowels, 3" Long (For Handwheel Handles)

• (6) Nylon Spacers, ty" Inside Dia., 1" Outside Diameter

• (14) #8 x 2" Fh Woodscrews W88-788-100 Portable Workbench Hardware

Kit $29.95

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