Router Bits

A variety of router bits are needed to build the projects in this issue.

All of the necessary bits can be ordered from Woodsrnith Project Supplies. (Note: Order the shank size to fit your specific router.)

These bits are all high-quality and carbide-tipped bits. They're the same bits used in the Woodsrnith shop. W88-1514-811 ^"Round-

W88-1512-821 V8" Round-

W88-1514-817 :V8" Round-

W88-1512-826V8" Round-

W88-1512-835 V Round-

Over Bit W shank) $44.95

W88-1514-126 Vg" Cove Bit w shank) $29.95

W88-1514-721 W Core

W88-1512-730 Viy Core

W88-1514-885 Flush Trim

W88-1512-887 Flush Trim

W88-1514-170 Chamfer Bit

W88-1512-175 Chamfer Bit

W88-1514-381 V-Groove Bir (V4" shank) $23.95

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