Three Leg Stool


Normally I don't like surprises. But when working on this Three-Leg Stool, I got a pleasant one after I glued up the blank for the seat.

a problem. It actually started out as a problem. I thought the seat would look best if it was thick. But red oak (or any other hardwood for that matter) is not commonly available in that thickness. When it comes to thicker hardwoods, most lumberyards carry 8/4 (13V* actual thickness) and 6/4 (lVi6M actual thickness) stock. If you want something different, you have to plane it down.

Planing 8/4 stock is easy if you're running it through a thickness planer. But the blank for the stool seat is wider than the bed of my planer.

To avoid hand planing V4" off a wide blank,

first I ripped the slab into lV^"-wide strips. Then I flipped the strips up on edge and glued them into a blank. The surprise I got was a highly-figured, quarter-sawn blank.

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