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vent to a cured Type 2 finish won't have any effect, ll takes a very strong solvent, such as methylene chloride (the active ingredient in many paint and varnish removers) to break down a Type 2 finish.

It takes a number ol coats of either type ol finish to build a sufficient film thickness. Too thick an application at one time will cause runs or sags and trap the solvents, which will slow the drying considerably. Multiple coats of a Type 1 finish fuse together as each coat dissolves into the one below, to make one unified film. There's no reason to sand between coats of a Type 1 finish except to level bmsh marks, remove dust, or cut the finish back to level the pores.

Each coat of a Type 2 finish, on the other hand, remains as a distinct layer within the cured film. It's a good idea to sand or steel wool between coats to create scratches, or "tooth." to help each coal bond to the one below. As an additional benefit, sanding also removes imbedded dust and levels bmsh marks. — B.F.

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