Relief for Bearings T

The pilot bearing on your router bit has to perform under extreme heat, dirt and friction. Eventually this wears out the bearing. Pilot Bearing Saver (PBS) is a new lubricant formulated exclusively for router-bit bearings. A couple of drops and your bearing will thumb its nose at heat and friction. If you use PBS regularly, your bearing will also last much longer. Available in either single tubes or packs of 6 or 12 tubes. (Price: 1 tube. $3.95; 6, $22.50; 12. $42.60)

■ Success Engineering and Manufacturing, Dept. AUT, P.O. Box 25648, 9418 Dorothy Ae, Clew land, OH 44125. (216) 883-1200.


Plate joiners have rewritten the book on basic joinery techniques, though manhandling the machines around the shop was sometimes awkward. Delta's new stationary plate joiner, Model 32-100, has changed that. The machine is a bench-mounted biscuit joiner with a small 8-in.xl2-in. adjustable worktable. Your hands are free to hold the wood against the fence. A foot control feeds the cutter blade into the work. The plate joiner performs all types of biscuit-joinery cuts, as well as dadoing and T-moulding operations. It features a handy complement of adjustments, stops, and clamps to facilitate set up and production. A 115-volt, 10-amp motor provides the power. (Price: $645) ■ Delta International Machinery Corp., Dept AWT, 246 Alpha Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238. (800) 438-2486.


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