Wood Carving Duplicators Incredibly Accurate

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The New Delta Unisaw

Delta Unisaw Crosscut Guide

Worth the wait, it's a silky smooth operator with user-friendly controls and plenty of power. Not only does the new Unisaw live up to its heritage, it also includes a number of notable changes that will pay dividends every time you use it. The Unisaw's reputation is based on performance and durability.The new Unisaw honors that tradition with American-made materials and a five- year warranty. According to Delta, 95 of the Unisaw's components virtually everything but the screws are currently...

Designs for the Hyper Organized Shop

Woodwork Shop Design

20 projects for putting more tools in less space. By Jock Holmen THREE YEARS AGO, 1 WROTE ABOUT a storage system that revolutionized my cluttered shop see Hyperorganize Your Shop, AW 125, November 2006, page 44 ,That article gave you a general idea of what I built, but it didn't contain any specific plans for tbe system's components. Lots of woodworkers asked for more details, so I've put together cutting lists for THREE YEARS AGO, 1 WROTE ABOUT a storage system that revolutionized my cluttered...

Wgm Profit

The pantograph is an ancient tool, based on the parallelogram, which was used to reduce or enlarge drawings by tracing them. Fast forward a few centuries and imagine replacing the panto graph's drawing arm with a router. Suddenly you have an extremely versatile tool that's perfect for creative sign making. While router-based pantographs aren't new, they have an enduring appeal. You'll need a steady hand and some patience to guide the pantograph's pointer over the design, but once you're set up,...