Fig. F Plan View of Cabinet Side ±

Fig. G Door joinery

For complete how-to on making drawers with sliding dovetails, go to jp-


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Fig. D Exploded View of Doors

Computer Shelving Unit

Poplar P'jplSr Poplar Poplar Poplar

3/4" X 3-1/8" X 42-7/8" 3/4"X 3-1/8*X 20-1/4" 3/4" X 3-VF X "Ï3-W 5/8" X12-3/4" X16-3/4' ffl 5/8" x 12-3/4" x 14-5/8" ¡fl

Cutting List

Notes a) Cut to fit top hi Cut to clear hinges cl Pocket door blocking should be Hush with (ace frame dj Cut to (it cabinet b| Lineal inches fl Glue up from several pieces

OCTOBERÍ NOVEMB E h 2009 www.AmertcajiWoodworker.com 75

Sack S>21




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