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By Andrew Zoellner the pantograph is an ancient tool, based on the parallelogram, which was used to reduce or enlarge drawings by tracing them. Fast forward a few centuries and imagine replacing the panto graph's drawing arm with a router. Suddenly you have an extremely versatile tool that's perfect for creative sign making.

While router-based pantographs aren't new, they have an enduring appeal. You'll need a steady hand and some patience to guide the pantograph's pointer over the design, but once you're set up, the device is very easy to operate. Granted, it won't have the repeatability and precision of a CNC router, but you can't beat A the price. I recently tried out the router pantograph from A

Milescraft, which only costs about $50. Here's a report on what It can do and what it's like to operate. Jm

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An inexpensive, simple tool for making signs in any style

OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2009 www.AmezicaiiWoodworker.com


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