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Using Wet Wood

I'm building outdoor furniture from rough cedar. When I cut the wood, it's soaking wet on the inside. Should I use polyurethane glue since it's a moisture-cure glue?

A Not when the wood is that wet. Polyurethane glue uses moisture to cure, but too much moisture will cause the glue to cure before it gets a chance to soak, into Lhe wood fibers and create a bond. You need to gel the moisture content (MC) near the surface of Lhe wood down to 10 to 25 percent before you use polyurethane glue (6 to 15 percent if you use a water-based Type II or Type III glue).

Rough cedar from the lumberyard is often very wet, but it loses that water rapidly. The best thing to do is cut your lumber into rough sizes and then stack the wood indoors with stickers between each board so all four surfaces of each board are exposed to the air. Cedar dries rapidly; leave it for a week or two and you should be good to glue. WV

American Woodworker january 2005

Long-Reach Stop for Crosscut Sled

',v built the "Ultimate vmw.pmirijerivemoodworking.com),

I ( Jeossciu Sled" featured t /4-20 hex-head bolts and a couple

JL in AW #75 (October of plastic knobs. I spent less Lhan

1999, page 38). Ii works great. My stop makes repetitive cross-

t and recently I've added an cutting of long stock—shelves for a adjustable stop, which makes ii bookcase, for instance—a breeze, even better. I thought other AW Any hardwood will clo for die rail readers would be interested in and stop; I used a 7/8-in. x 2-in. x my upgrade. 6(Hn. piece of hickory. You can

My 50-in.-capacity stop consists increase the crosscut capacity by of scrap wood, a 48-in. length of using a longer rail.

T-track (I used Mini Track from I cut a stopped dado in the back of the rail to house the T-track, which 1 installed with screws. I

L attached the stop to the end of the

Ml ^Ep counterbored a pair of holes in the

^^ sled's fence and installed the bolts

T-track makes the stop easy to install and adjust. When the stop isn't necessary, tightening the knobs draws the bolts into the counterbored holes, so they don't protrude.

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