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12-in. lazy-Susan bearing, #TR 12C,Woodworker's Hardware, (800) 383-0130; $5. Hose reel, #AR050-1 .Tools On Sale, (800) 328-0457; $67.

I have to pack all my tools into the back of my garage when I'm not woodworking. To conserve space, I bought a pancake-style compressor for its compact size and portability. At 55 lbs. it's portable, but lugging it around is no picnic.

To make it easier to move I put it in a small open cabinet on wheels. I bolted the compressor to the bottom to keep it from vibrating its way out. To make the setup even more versatile, I mounted an air hose reel on top. I put a 12-in. lazy-Susan bearing between the hose reel and cabinet so I can unroll the hose in any direction.

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Router Table Fence

Sure, you can clamp a straight board to your router table and it works fine. But why not take a little extra time and make a router table fence with all the bells and whistles: adjustable, zero-clearance, guards—the works. George Vondriska is making one now, and he'll show you how to make yours in the February 2002 American Woodworker.

Lock-Rabbet Drawers

Ever had to make lots and lots of small drawers? Well, this router joint is the perfect answer. One bit, one setup, easy assembly and plenty strong. Randy Johnson's working out the bugs right now, so you can churn out drawers like rabbits.


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