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7CLAMPTHE DOORS IN POSITION BEFORE INSTALLING THE HINGES, using a shop-made stand, a perf-board spacer and a straightedge extending from the top of the cabinet. Make sure the edges of the door and cabinet are flush.

them, using sheet metal screws (Photo 8). Center the hinge between the edges of the cabinet and door, with the barrel facing you, and predrill holes for the screws with a self-centering hinge bit.

The inner Doors

Rabbet the door frame sides (fig. C, Parts CI and Dl) for the ends (C2, D2). Then cut dadoes in them for the perf-board panels (C3, D3). Like plywood, perf-board is often thinner than its stated thickness. If yours is less than 1/4-in. thick, you'll have to use a regular blade in your tablesaw instead of your dado set. Make two passes, adjusting the fence between cuts.

Once glued in the dadoes, these perf-board panels make the doors strong and rigid. Hold the frames square when you glue and screw the doors together.

Mounting the inner doors is similar to mounting the outer doors, but the hinges are fastened to the plywood faces instead of the edges.

To prop the inner doors at the right height, just stack two pieces of 3/4-in. plywood (door shelves work great) on top of the little stand used for mounting the outer doors. Tape an 1 l/16-in.-wide perf-board spacer to the front edge of the center divider. Position the door against the front of the cabinet, opened 180 degrees and resting on top of the

8MOUNTTHE HINGES WITH SHEET METAL SCREWS.They have sharp threads that grip much better than the puny screws supplied with the hinges. Alternate the screws between the cabinet and the door so their heads won't bind.

raised-up stand. In this position, the door you're mounting will cover the opening on the opposite side of the cabinet and its hinge side will be flush with the hinge side of the center divider. They'll be separated by the spacer.

Hold the door against the spacer and cabinet with a clamp at the top. Center the barrel of the hinge (with the barrel facing you, just like on the outer doors) in the space between the door and cabinet and install one screw on each side, in alternating holes. Then install a couple screws at the bottom of the hinge, using knee pressure to hold the door against the cabinet. With the hinge secured top and bottom, finish installing the hinge screws.

Finishing Touches

Notching the cabinet's adjustable shelves (Fig. C, Parts A6 and A8) makes it easy to mount the shelf standards in the cabinet. You can also add shelves made from 2x4 and 2x6 stock to the perf-board doors (Fig. C, Detail 1). Fasten lips (B5, C5, D6 and D7) to all door-mounted shelves.

Mount the door handles, rare-earth-magnet catches (two per door) and the latch. Move the cabinet into position, level it and anchor it securely to the wall. Then get organized. AW

Caution:This Cabinet MUST

be securely anchored to a wall.


Rare-Earth Magnet Catch Sets (4 required), l/2-in. dia. magnet,#99K31.03; $ .80 each

Lee Valley Tools Ltd., (800) 871-8158,

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