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Highland Hardware's Wood Slicer is a unique blade among our picks. It made extra-smooth cuts with less noise. Part of the reason is the Wood Slicer's unique variable tpi design.The tpi varies from three to four, which helps reduce vibration and produces a smoother cut. Reduced vibration also results in reduced noise. Most bandsaw blades sound like a catfight as they're cutting through wide stock.The Wood Slicer is noticeably quieter.

The Wood Slicer also has the thinnest blade of the bunch at .020-in. thick, with an exceptionally narrow kerf (about 1/32 in.).The thin kerf results in increased yield with less horsepower required from your saw (l/2-hp saw owners, take note). On the downside, the kerf is so narrow that the blade will not cut curves very well. Once the Wood Slicer has lost its edge, it can't be retired to general-purpose duty as readily as the other blades.

For icing on the cake, the back of the Wood Slicer blade is rounded and polished at the factory to eliminate any source for fatigue cracks in the body.


Hard-Back THICKNESS WIDTH or Bi-Metal (in inches) (in inches)

Suffolk Machinery's Timber Wolf AS-S

is specifically designed for straight-line slicing veneer. It's the only blade that's a full 3/4-in. wide but only .025 thick.This blade was designed for instrument makers who make a living slicing up blocks of wood that are worth their weight in gold. They can't afford any cutting problems and demand the smoothest possible cuts. /W


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