Faceframe Cabinet

Transfer the rail length from the cabinet, again building an overhang into the frame.This time use the

- thickness of a quarter to create the overhang. Start with the two stiles flush with the case side. Butt the squarely cut reference end of a rail to the stiles. Hold a quarter against the case side, and mark the rail flush with the face of the quarter. Cut the rails to length in the crosscut sled.

Use screw pockets to join the rails to the stiles. Face frames can be joined by dowels, mortises and tenons, minibiscuits or simple, fast, effective screw pockets. Mark the rail faces and be sure the holes get drilled only in the backs of the rails. Incorrectly flipping parts around has put some rails in my scrap pile.

Pocket screws are perfect for face frames— they're fast, strong and easy.

Assemble the face frame in a simple jig. The toggle clamp holds the pieces down firmly. Use a screw designed for screw-pocket joinery (see photo, at right).They don't require predrilling of the stiles, and their wide, flat heads make them less likely than conventional wood screws to split the rail ends.

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