recommends limiting wood dust exposures. The JDS Air-Tech 2000 will dramatically improve the quality of the air you breathe. Our new model 750 variable speed allows you to dial in your desired air flow, from a whisper quiet 200 cfrn to an ultra performance 750 cfm. This will dean the air in a 30'x30'x8' shop every ten minutes. For larger areas our models 8-12,10-16 and 2400 are available. The JDS systems will remove 99% of particles as small as five microns and 80% of particles as small as one micron. For the removal of odors, fiimes and smoke, our optional charcoal filter is available. To place an order or for the dealer nearest Ano(her quQljty produd from , you call us toll-free. i_800.382.2637 MPA'NY

Model 750

Model 750

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Franklin International

Fast, Strong Glue

Combine the fast setup of hot-melt glue with the strength of polyurethane and you've got Franklin's new glue system. According to the folks at Franklin, you can use this glue almost any place you currently use brads or pin nails.

The glue uses a cordless, heated gun (like regular hot-melt), that costs a rather steep $120. (That's the price you pay for cutting-edge technology, I guess.) The gun stays hot out of the base for about 20 minutes. After you squeeze out the glue, it grabs and cools in 30 to 75 seconds. If you screw up, you can reheat the joint with a heat gun and separate the parts. After that first minute or so, the glue reacts to moisture in the air to cure. It reaches full strength in about 24 hours. When the bond is complete, the strength is amazing. It can even securely bond end grain to end grain.

Glue cartridges cost $8 each and there are different glues available for different applications. WW30 is woodworking glue that sets up in 30 seconds. WW60 fills gaps and sets up in 60 seconds. MP75 is multi-purpose and works on melamine, ceramics, metal, marble, glass, brick and more.

This may not be a must-have tool, but you can use it to instantly set glue blocks, build jigs, and even fasten trim to cabinets without nail holes. You can haul it to the bathroom to stick a soap dish on ceramic tile, or to the garage to reattach the weather strip on your car door. HighPURformer glue won't completely replace white or yellow glue, but it's a handy addition to your adhesive arsenal.

Franklin International

Hot-melt glue gun; $ 120 Glue cartridges; $8

(800) 347-4583

g Four 18-Volt Cordless Tools at a Great

U Now you can arm yourself with the tools you need for woodworking and home repair without breaking the bank. Ryobis 18-volt Super Combo Kit has a cordless drill/driver, circular saw, reciprocating saw and flashlight, all for $200!

The drill/driver features a 1/2-in. keyless chuck, 24-position clutch, two-speed gearbox and a powerful magnet on top for holding screws and bits (it works better than your mouth!).

The 5-1/2-in. circular saw has a maximum cutting depth of 1-9/16-in., so it can handle 2x4s. The variablespeed reciprocating saw has a 3/4-in. stroke.

The kit comes with two 18-volt batteries and a one-hour charger. The Super Combo Kit is available only at The Home Depot.

Ryobi, 18-volt Super Combo Kit; $200.

(800) 323-4615

Hardwoods, softwoods, pressure-treated or exotics - Gorilla Glue® is tough enough to hold them all. Incredibly strong, nearly I invisible glue lines, and 100% waterproof. Just the way serious woodworkers demand it. Call 800-966-3458 for a ¿KM dealer near you, or visit H to find out more.

The Toughest Glue on Planet Earth '

Produce perfect gap-free hairline glue joints on the mitered corners of riLs„, any multi-sided object on your first try without trial-and-error setups.

All models include: Adjustable GlideLOCK Miter Bar, Incra Specified Fence with Stop Positioner, and FRE Video Brochure.

The Incra Tool Source 1-800-752-0725

* 41 Indexed Angle Stops over + 90° range

* 18" Incra Track Fence with Slide Stop

* Steel GlideLOCK™ Miter Bar with 6 Width Adjustment Points o I p

♦ 364 Indexed Angle Stops over ± 90° ♦ Integral Hold-down Clamping System

♦ 36-64" Miter Fence + Dual-ffip Stop » Renewable Zero Clearance Right Panel

♦ Steel GlideLOCK™ Miter Bar with 10 Width Adjustment Points

Brad Nailer

The cordless revolution is alive and well. This time Porter-Cable has marched into the nail gun arena, and the result is pretty cool.

This 7-lb. gun ($260) has an onboard mini compressor that runs off a rechargeable 12-volt battery. If you're near an air compressor, take out the battery, hook up a hose, and run the gun the old fashioned way. Either way, the gun shoots 18-gauge brads from 3/4-in. to 2-in. long. Under battery power, the nailer will drive about 300 brads before it needs a charge.

The mini compressor makes the gun a little heavy toward the back, but it's not much more awkward than 25 feet


New Produ of air hose dangling behind you.

If all your brad nailing is done in the shop, the on-board compressor is not a big deal. But if your needs take you away from a conventional compressor, you'll like the portability of this tool.

Porter-Cable, BN200VI2; $260 (800) 487-8665

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