Pneumatic. Cordless. Our new cordless brad nailer gives you the option of both, using exclusive TPS Technologyâ„¢ (Twin Power Source System). It's pneumatic, courtesy of a 1/4" valve that allows you to use it with traditional compressors. It's also cordless, thanks to a mini-compressor powered by our rechargeable, interchangeable 12-volt battery. To get one of your own,visit your Porter-Cable dealer or call 1-800-487-8665 (519-836-2840 in Canada).

% Stripped-Screw Remover

Argh! No matter how hard you push, The Craftsman Screw-Out ($20)

^ your driver just won t grip that blasted may save the day. Unlike some screw q stripped screw. You stripped it, and extractors, it doesn't require drilling

2 you stripped it good. into the stripped screw. Simply chuck

Can For Your Fiee Leigh Catalog Today! 1-800-663-8932

Leigh Industries Ltd., PO Box 357, Port Coquidam, BC, Canada V3C 4K6 Tel. 604 464-2700 Fax 604 464-7404 Web

professional, the Leigh Jig will help you create your best work. Versatility with precision make the Leigh Dovetail Jig better than the rest. Rout through and halfblind dovetails, with variable spacing of pins and tails, on one jig. Create decorative Isoloc joints, finger joints, and multiple

Sears, Screw-Out; $20 Sears retail store mortise & tenons easily with Leigh attachments. And our easy-to-follow user guide will help make it happen fast! Call toll free now to learn more.

the bit into a reversible drill and place it in the center of the damaged screw head. The bit tip grabs the screw head when you reverse the drill. The three bits in the set will handle screws from #6 to #14 with Phillips, slotted, Torx, or square-recess heads.

Note: This remover isn't for broken screws, just stripped ones.

The World's Best Router Joinery Jigs

Thinking Jig? Think Leigh. Whether you're a hobbyist or a

Joining Tradition With Today

Instant Organization

You don't need a tidy shop to produce fabulous projects, but if you've lost sight of your workbench top and have not seen your belt sander in months, consider trying the store WALL.

One piece of store WALL, 15-in. wide and 48-in. long, costs $35. Hooks, baskets and storage bins are available for $6 to $33 and you can also use standard 1/4-in. Peg-Board hooks. Store-WALL is available in a variety of colors and faux wood grains.The Wall Workshop package puts together a group of commonly used hangers and two pieces of store WALL for $200.

A huge advantage of store WALL is its strength. Properly secured to the wall, it'll handle tools from chisels to routers with ease. It's made from plastic, so it isn't affected by moisture like wall storage products made of MDF. If you turn into a hyper neatnick, you could hose the whole thing down with water. /W

storeWALL; $35 to $220. (866) 889-2502

Make ordinary woodworking operations quicker, easier, and more accurate than ever with these great tools from INCRA.

The Incra Too Source 1-800-752-0725

* True machine shop accuracy ... perfect repeatability ... exceptional strength

* INCRA precision on both sides si the Made with niera adjustability to 0.001 " S * Heavy-duty rail system with S-point fence lock, plus easy installation

Variable throat, offset adjust Make raised panels, perfect For stand-alone on router ta

' table lence sets a new standard lor accuracy ng or offset fence halves for accurate shaping lect to INCRA TS or Ultra System m top


By Dave Munkittrick

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