except for a couple of important differences: The inner side panels (SI) are open on one side (Fig. G, page 71) and the outer side panels (S2) are tapered.

There are three important construction details to understand before building these unique tapered panels. The first is that they need to be cut and built to final width. They're 3-1/2-in. thick, which is too thick to saw on most 10-in. tablesaws. The second detail is that the panel sandwiches are made with tapered fillers. Making these tapered fillers requires a special tapering sled for your planer. Finally, trimming the tapered sandwiches to final length requires a shimmed guide board to accommodate the tapers.

Without question, making the tapered sides is the most difficult part of this project. We've tried to simplify the process a bit with these step-by-step directions. First, build the tapering sled for your planer (Fig. E, at right). The 1-1/2-in.-thick material for the fillers is made from two pieces of 3/4-in. stock, glued together. When the glue is dry, joint one edge and rough cut the taper on the band-saw. Use the tapering sled to plane the fillers to final size (Photo 18). Make sure to mark the tapered sides of these fillers.

Now you can glue up the tapered sandwiches. Start by gluing and clamping the tapered fillers (tapered side up) to one of the plywood sides. This makes it easier to keep the edges aligned, which is important because these side panels are already cut to final width. Next, add the short horizontal fillers. "When the glue is dry, sand these short fillers to match the angle of the vertical fillers (Photo 19). Complete the sandwich by adding the other plywood side. Make sure to mark this top panel as the tapered side. Now repeat this process for the other tapered side.

The next step is to trim the top and bottom of these panels to final length. Lay the panel, tapered side up, and clamp the shimmed guide board to the bottom (thick) end of the panel (Photo 20). Make the trim cut with a top-bear -ing bit. Next go to the top end of the panel and use the shimmed guide board again. The angle

Sand horizontal fillers to match the slight angle of the tapered fillers. Add the outside panel, then glue and clamp.

Tapering Sled

Make this sled out of 3/4-in. birch plywood. TAPERED FILLER (S5)

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