Plywood Table

Cool Blocks

A set of Cool Blocks is an inexpensive way to raise your handsaw's performance. Made of graphite-impregnated phenolic resin, Cool Blocks allow you to bring the guides much closer to the blades without worrying about excess friction.They're particularly useful for l/8-in.and l/16-in. blades, which can be completely trapped—teeth and all—between the blocks.You can achieve almost scrollsaw-like curve cutting. Cost: $ 12.

Auxiliary Table

Tired of the balancing act you must perform on an undersized bandsaw table? You don't have to put up with it any more.A simple 24-in.-square plywood table with a blade slot can be mounted to your stock table. Just drill mounting holes right through the cast table. Cut the blade slot on a tablesaw so it lines up with the one on your bandsaw and bolt on the plywood. Cost: $5.


A bandsaw is an incredibly versatile machine. From slicing thin veneer off of solid stock to cutting intricate curves in scrollwork, the bandsaw can do it all. Still, there are a few things we wish all bandsaws came with. Here are a few of our favorites.

Magnetic Tool Holder

Epoxy a couple of rare-earth magnets onto the back of a 2x4 that's customized to hold your tools. It can hang on any metal part of your machine.

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