Big Bandsaw in a Small Package

Laguna's new LT14 bandsaw ($895) packs big-saw features into the footprint of a 14-in. saw. Its welded-steel frame is built for heavy work like resawing, and the table, trunnions and wheels are solid cast iron for extra weight and vibration control. The saw table is a generous 15-in. deep by 19-in. wide.

The LT14 also features an innovative guide system. Ceramic blocks (instead of steel or phenolic plastic) provide both side and rear blade support. According to Laguna, these blocks can be run directly against the blade without creating heat build up (which is a problem with steel blocks). This dramatically reduces blade twist and drift, making resawing easier. The closely set blocks are said to constantly clear pitch from the side of the blade-—a big deal if you cut lots of wet wood. This saw has just become available through retailers, so we haven't had a chance to test these claims.

The throat capacity (the maximum width you can cut) is 13-1/4 in. and the maximum thickness you can cut is 8-5/8 in. For comparison, most 14-in. saws have 6-in. thickness capacity, and 12 in. if you add a riser block. The LT14 takes 105-in. blades from 1/4-in. to 3/4-in. wide and is driven by a substantial 1,7-hp, 220-volt, 8.2-amp motor. Most 14-in. saws come with a 1-hp motor. A fence comes standard with this saw.

According to Laguna, dust collection on the LT14 is improved over other bandsaws by the dust box; a confined area directly under the table that you connect to a dust collector. The only problem is the odd-sized 3-1/8-in. dust port, for which you'll need to buy an adapter.

Laguna Tools, LT14; $895. (800) 965 3533

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