Bws A

15-inch Wide Belt Sander

Heaty duty, open end design perfect for Cabinet shops and smaller production shops


The better table saw you tv been looking -

for. Takes both Wand 12'blades. DDHPF ^^IDIM AI

Interchangeable 5/8"and r arbors altou murCöölUHIHL

the use of 10'or 12" blades. ^ »O0d"0*eh

WILKE Machinery Company 3230 sosquohanr« tr* york pa 17402 For a FREE Catalog: Call 1-800-235-2100

Internet: or email: [email protected]

PBS-540 Bftodsaw

European design and manufacture. Sotad for high Quality, precision and durability. We offer a full ranee of handsaws from 15' to 36 BW-510TS Sliding Tablc/TII tin* Spindle Shaper

A versatile shaper scaled down for the smaller shop that does I he work of more expensive industrial models.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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