Grinding Makes The Difference

A grinding bevel greatly reduces the time and effort needed to sharpen an edge tool because there's less steel to remove. It also saves wear on your bench stones.

While it's essential to be able to grind tools, it's not something you have to do every day. In fact, once you've correctly prepared your plane blades and chisels, you'll be able to sharpen often but grind seldom. When it is time to grind, there'll be no big hassle, once you devise a setup that works for you. Here are three good choices:

•Clamp the grinder base to the bench when you need to grind tools, then unclamp it and stow it away. As a furniture maker who works alone, this is what I prefer. I like to set up and attend to all the tools that need grinding in one session. Grinding makes a mess, but the loose grit is easy to vacuum up before getting back to work.

• Mount the grinder base on a wall-hung shelf. Locate the grinder well away from the workbench and finishing areas of the shop, because otherwise the grit can be a nuisance.

•Make a roll-away stand. In a shop where several people share common equipment, this may be the best alternative. The stand should have a low shelf with a rail all around it, to trap various tool holders and other gear. Make it so the wheels lock.

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