Heirloom Blanket Chest Kits

Solid hardwood, dovetail joinery. Solid braes hardware. Tree brochure. Tradcwoods Furniture. (800) 903-2970.

HOW TO MAKE WORKING AND DECORATIVE WAGON WHEELS. For free information send large SASE to: Windv Hill Woods, P.O. Box 14169. Kansas City. MO 64152. (816) 746-46'>5. Website: www. wi ndyh illwondt.cnm


Send $8.00 and I-SASE to Woodcutting, PO Box 1441. West Plains, MO 65775.

Musical Insi hi mems

PLANS, KITS i, SUPPLIES lor musical imttuments: harps, dulcimers, psalteries, guitar», banjo» and more. Mu»icmaker't Kits, Dept. AW98. PO Box 2117. Stillwater. MN 55082. (651) 439-9120 www.mutikit.com

BUILD YOUR OWN GUITAR, VIOLIN, OR DULCIMER! Free I«8-page catalog featuring kits and all the tools, finishing supplies and instructions you need to build your next instrument. Stewart-Mac Donald's Guitar Shop Supply. Box 900W, Athens. OH 45701. Call (800) 848-2273. www. stewnuc.com


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The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

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