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The ultimate step-by-step woodworking guide! This 438-page book retails for

$29.95 but is vours FREE

with any saw blade or dado purchase from this ad. You must mention you sou* this offer in American Woodworker maga/inc at time of purchase. Hurry! This special offer is limited while supplies last. Offer expires Feb. 28. 1999. One book per order.

WOODWORKER I: 7l/it,-14ft dia. avail.

Designed for radial arm or tablcsaws—fine crosscut.

Sale 10% Off 20% Off

Price First Blade Second Blade

DURALINE HI A/T: 7'AM-16M dia. avail.

Cuts melamine and plywoods perfectly. 220 mm & 300 mm available.

Sale 10% Off 20% Off

8«. 7V4- & others PnCe First B,ade Second B,ade 10" x 80 T (Va* or 3/32* K) -$45» $143 $127

12" x 80 T (1" hole, Vs" K) 4«t $163 $145

KORRSgr Sharpening


457 River Road. Clifton. NJ 07014

Phone 800/735-7111 • In Nj, call 975/473-5236 • Fax 973/471-3533


Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

Use anv of these blades for a month. If vou arc not completed satisfied, return the blade for a complete refund. No other blade company will make that kind of guarantee—because there's no other blade like a Forrest blade!

FORREST WOODWORKER II: 6"-14" dia. avail.

All-purpose—tablesaws and portable circular saws.

Special 10% Discount! Take 20% off second blade of your choice.

Sale 10% Off 20% Off

CHOP MASTER BLADE: 6>/2"-15" dia. avail. Specially designed for sliding compound and miter saws.

Sale 10% Off 20% Off Price First Blade Second Blade

Two Sanders in One



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Two Sanders in One

Whether a random-orbit sander is best for tine finishing or rough stock removal depends a lot on its eccentric orbit: small orbit for fine work, large orbit for hogging. Metabo's new SXF450 sander offers you both options built into one tool. Changeover couldn't be easier—simply push a button and rotate the pad one revolution by hand. An audible click lets you know you've changed from a 3-mm orbit to a 6-mm orbit or back again. Other features, such as a pad brake, variable speed, and through-the-pad dust extraction, make this 6-in. sander a real workhorse. (Street price: $239) Metabo, Dept. AWT, Box 2287, West Chester, PA 19380, (800) 638-2264.

Micro-Adjustable Router

Tune Up Tools

SuperBar and MasterPlate are two new measuring tools that work in tandem to super-tune your tablcsaw, radial-arm saw, or chop saw. A solid steel plate ground perfectly flat, MasterPlate bolts on your saw's V^-in. or 1 -in. arbor to provide a broad, precise reference surface. SuperBar is a jig with an on-board dial indicator that measures alignment as you slide it in the miter gauge slot. MasterPlate: $49. Super Bar: $69. Master Gauge, (805) 492-4616,


Bosch's new model 1617EVS is the most advanced fixed-based router we've ever seen. Featuring a lightweight magnesium base and housing, a unique micro-adjust depth setting, and electronic variable speed, the 2-HP router is a sure winner. Its excellent fit and finish is a bonus for a street price of about $ 199. S-B Power Tool Co(800) 815-8665,

for your shop

Low-Cost Drill Guide

Drilling mounting holes for handles and knobs on cabinet doors and drawers is a snap with the Euro Handle-It drill guide. This affordable plastic jig is easy to set up for holes on different centers and for various distances from edges. Its hardened-metal drill bushings call for a standard V|frin. drill bit and will even let you drill holes for handles mounted at 45* angles. Street price: about $39.95. Euro Limited, (800) 877-EURO.


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