Make perfect Raised Panel Doors

with your 1/4" or 1/2" Router, or your 1/2" or 3/4" Shaper.

It's simpJe. nexpeosrve, and easy with professor pnxixtion quality MLCS cartiöe tipped dca sets! Our reversibie combination bit makes a matching ral ard stile frame. The panel raisng bit vwth ball beamg guide makes a perfect raised panel every time! Includes Instructions and Professional Tips!

1/4" Shank Carbide Tipped Router Rits

Professional Production Quality Guaranteed!

□ogee raised panel

#1423 rurg&Oomefcr $29.96

0tongue and groove

#1333 Strait $29.00

#1335 Vtofet $29.00

□lock mitre bit


□rabbeting kit

4 depth oi cuts: 3-B-. 7/16'. 5/16'. 1/4'. Set t/4* stork raboetrg oc. 4 beerv^s W. 3^4*) * h*x Mr,

#1425 1-1/4'LflfgeOarnetef..$25.00

□ brass piloted

Rout «to txjht ip>cm <md ccrrxys These Ws have Brass Ptots. rreesurr>Q oty W2* m da., instead tf usual W teenng

#1428 i^RftDundO/v $16.C0

#1429 V4-Rftoond0^r $17.CO

□ solid carbide upcut and downcut set

2 fVjte lat ooticm curters l*>cut sprat tor mortise lercn prrts Dov^cut •a« P^urge cu and c*ane «>g*> #1437 1/4- db., 3W curing kx^th Specel Set Prfce Si 9.95

The Award Wi

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