• Adjustable, unifcrm clamping pressure on all comers • Great for wide catonet frames (lor center cr edges)

• Forces a frame into perfect square

• Almost NO capacity Imitation, ships with 23 ft reel of steel banding !

• ASuminum & Steel construction

Can-Do Clamp

Join picture and cabinet frames

Sturdy alurrinum clamp c$ great for framhg. drilng. doweling, ard more. • High damping pressure to. • Movable jaws® Two swvel points

Round Over/Beadmg Bit Set

1/4' shank. Csrttfe Tpped. 4 RajrxJ 0/erBtswthl/2# 00 tearing: (1/8*. 1/4'. 1/2*1. pius 3/8'CO bearing Salen wrerch.

$72 individual^ Sale "3995

Riscuit Joining Set


Shank arc) 250 #20 Bscuis t^Slru^on sheet indDdeo.

16 Piece Forstner Bit Set

High Quality Steel - ground for heavy use This set ccmes wth the ioiowng sizes: 1/4*. 3/8*. 1 iT, 5/8", 3'4*. 7/8'. r. 1-1/8*. 1-1/4*. 1-3/8", 1-1/2", 1-5/8*. 1-3'4*. 1-7/8*. 2*. 2-1/8*.

ITEM #1418 REG. $141.20 Sale S43M

solid Brass Router Inlay Kit

Makes perfect fitting recesses and inlays!

Easy to use rtay kit totows a 1/4* tfuck pattern template of aknost any shape to produce tr>e re^ss. Fits Porter CaWe. Black & Decker or any router with an adaptor tor Porter Cab'e bushings. Kit incudes 1/8* so'id carbide dcwncu! spira: bit, brass tushng. brass template gutie. brass retaher rut & instructions

Raised Panel Door Instructional Video

#1438 Speoal Sale Pnce $9.95

Works with stock from 11/16- to 7/8*.

Router Bits

Oder By Credit Card or Send Check To: MLCS, P.O. Box 4053 AV, Ryd* FA 19046

Calus CD EX for vex/rim

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