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Cocobolo 12" long lumber €»$10.00 bf. 250 bf. F.E.Q. RWL & $7.50 hi". Ebony Billets f $3.00 Ib. Chac Te Koke Shorts <* $4.75 bf. FOB Carlsbad. CA. Quality at a fair price. S.A.S.E. Tropical Exotic Hardwoods, P.O. Box 1806. Carlsbad. CA 92018. Toll-Free Orders (888) 434-3031. Questions (760) 434-3030 Mitch TaJcove.

CURVED PLYWOOD. Quarter, half, full cylinders. 2" to 60" radius. Anderson International (800) 454-6270 www. Free catalog.


24I-3770-. (330) 889-3770. Alva Hardwoods. 7307 Route 80. Alva. Fl 33920. <941) 728-2484: Florida <888) 894-6229. Great domestic/exotic selections. Quality inventory. facilities, and personalized service.

CHERRY—WIDE PREMIUM; Quarter-sawn White Oak & Cherry; Premium Aromatic Re»l Cedar, more. Gillihan Wood Product». <501)834-8108.

APPALACHIAN HARDWOODS econ-omy pack 100 bf. 2-5 leet long, 3-10 inches wide. Oak $200.00. Cherry S225.00. Walnut $225-00. Poplar SI 25-00. A»h $165.00 plus shipping. One clear »idc. Planing, sanding, and longer lengths available. Burnett's Saw Mill. 40(. Archer Road. Luttreil TN 37779. <423) 992-3382.

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The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

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