Circle Cutting

Keep one hand firmly on the router. The odier liand helps move die jig smoothly and keeps it pressed against the work-piece (see drawing).

Wood Shop Tool Placement

edging. Once the strike plates are screwed in place, the next step is to wrap a thin ('•/*") strip of hardboard edging (K) around the curved part of the turntable.

This edging is a little taller (wider) than the thickness of the turntable. This way, it forms a lip that will keep tools and materials from falling off the turntable's edge.

One thing to notice about the edging is that it's actually cut 1Vs" shorter than the distance around the curved part of the turntable (Fig». 8 and 8a). This is doue to provide enough clearance for a barrel boll thal's installed later. This barrel bull will be used to lock the lurnlable in place so it won'l spin around when you don't want it to (refer lo Figx. 10and 11 on opposite page).

Ali it takes to attach the edging is to apply a little glue and hold the edging in place securely using a band clamp (Fig. ¡i). After the glue dries and you have removed the band clamp, it's a good idea to secure the hardboard edging wilh screws (Fig. &a).

collar block. At this point, you're almost ready lo install the turntable. But first, to prevent it from rubbing against lite pipe. I added a simple collar block (Fig. It).

The collar block (I.) is a '/»"-thick piece of hardwood with a centered hole that's sized to fit the iron pipe.

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