lo prevent the ileel rod from binding in thp riamp block, jusl use d dowd wrjpped with sandpaper :o enlarge the hole first.

Woodworking Tools Clumps

To help prevent The clamp block froui twisting aiid binding as it slides back and forth, I glued a V«" hardboard cap CO) lu the tup oí the clump block to keep it square and flat (Fig. ta).

threaded insert. In use. the steel rod used in the stop is locked in place (with a threaded kuob (or a thumbscrew) . It runs through a Vtii" th l eaded insert in the damp budy to pinch Uie rod in the hole (Fig*, ta and taa).

stop. Next I added a stop (P) to the end of the rod (Fig. t$).

To strengthen the slop. 1 cut and glued a hardboard face (Q) to one end (Fig. li). And tor sawdust relief, I sanded a chamfer on all edges of the face.

Finally, epoxv the steel rod in the stop. When it's dry. slide it into the clamp body and attach the srop system to the fence rail.

Safety Note: So that you don't place your hand too close lo the blade, the stop extends only to within 6" of it. ■

Woodworking Power Tools

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