Rack Mounting OptlOh

The lumber rack can be wall-mounted or fastened 10 exposed ceiling joists.

wall. If you're mounting the rack to a finished wall, rhe first thing you need to do is locate the studs. Then drill pilot holes through the arms, and screw each rack to a stud with lag screws and washers (Fig. l)-

[f you're mounting the lumber rack to a concrete or block wall, be sure to use the appropriate anchors aud bolls lo support the weight.

CEIUNG. The rack can alio be hung from the ceiling (Fig. 2). For this, all you have to do is drill holes through the joisls and the rack for bolls.


One way lo keep dowels organized and out ol the way is with this joist mounted dowel rack (Fig. Z).

Ihe dowel rack is nothing more lluui three 4" long rings of S'-dia. PVC pipe. Alter cutting the PVC with a hacksaw, lightly sand the sharp edges.

finally, drill a couple of holes in each ring and then screw them in line to a ceiling joist (Fig. ¿<i).

Xole; To help me find Ihe right size dowel, 1 use a marker to write the diameter on rhe end of the dowel.


'Ihe third overhead rack takes advantage of the space between exposed joists to store and organize cutoffs.

The organizer is just several r -cleats screwed to the joists to forr. -tice (Fig. S). (1 used IxGs.)

To make it easy ro slide pieces it %" roundovers on the long edges -: clcats (Fig. :tii).

When you're positioning the c> make sure ro leave enough roo::: -end lo gel ihe culoifs in and out.




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