Table saw accessories should be stored our of the way yet close at hand while you work This cabinet provides just the place within arms reach under the saws wing

Workbench With Toolbox Underneath

It's uo secret that the table saw is the workhorse of most shops. Whether culling pieces to size or forming joinery. I'd he lost without my table saw. But to do all tliat work the table saw requires a number of accessories, from the rip fence and miter gauge to different types of blades and the wrench used to change them.

To keep these items close at hand. 1 built a cabinet that hangs on the side of my table saw. taking advantage of the space below the table extension.

RIP FENCE STORAGE. When 1 need to switch from the rip fence to the miter gauge, there's convenient storage for the fence right nearby. On tup of the cabinet, there's a channel. It's open at both ends so the head can hang below the top and the rest of the fence can extend out the back. And there's usu ally some space left beside the fence to store my push sticks.

door. The cabinet has a door wtuch effectively doubles the storage space — allowing you to store the arbor wrench, saw blades, and other accessories inside. The miter gauge hangs in a quick-access holder on the outside of the door. It's designed so you can easily store the miter gauge, even if you have a long auxiliary-fence fastened to it. (The Accessory box on the opposite page has details on making an auxiliary fence.)

blade holders. Inside the cabinet are two pegs to hold saw blades. This keeps them out of the way so the teeth don't gel chipped. The pegs are long enough that they will hold several blades each or even a full dado blade set with chlppers.

optional tray. IV uoliced lliiit other items rend to pile up around the saw as I work. So I designed an optional add ( on tray to hold things like push sucks, safely glasses, and ridel's. Details for building this tray are in the Designer's Notebook on page £?>.




Inside Table Saw


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