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About once a month or so. 1 have to take a full day lo clean up and organize my workshop. It's usually rhe day after I've had trouble finding a particular tool (like my tabic saw) because ir's buried under piles oi lumber aud cutoffs.

In a small shop, one of the reasons a mess starts lo accumulate is bccause there is so little storage space — particularly for lumber. Most of my wall and floor space is already spoken for. As I mulled over the problem. 1 realized that just like a crowded city, sometimes the only way to go is up.

overhead racks. When you think ahont it, it's amazing how much storage space is available right above your head. This collection of simple racks is designed to hold your lumber in the space you aren't using above tools, your bench or anywhere else. And you can probably have all three built in an afternoon or evening.

lumber rack. Ihe first rack 1 built consisted of two pieces that looked like a couple of upside-down ~Fs" (lower portion of photo). 'I"his rack is designed to hold longer lengths of lumber. (It's where I usually store my rough stock until I start a project.)

All the parts are cut from 2xfi lumber. The only hardware you'll need is a few screws, plus some lag screws or bolls lo hang it. You'll need — % arms to start (as shown abc we J need to store longer stock. even a fourth rack.

dowel rack. Ihe r.extn.^ I came up with was for my d< j left in photo). It's just son:, -n of PVO pipe cut to length. Y -j « be able to cut and mount ih.- rx matter of minutes.

cutoff storage. My h>\ rj. .J the sp:ice between the expc-vc .«a a place to keep my cutoffs - J lumber (top of photo). By spar - n eral Joists with a few cleat >. I series of compartments. pcr:o sorting and storing cutoffs

Setting Lap Joists



The overhead lumber rack consists of three par is: a support brackcl (A) and two identical arms (R) — all cut from "two by" material (Fig. 1).

The arms attach to the brackets with simple half-lap joints (Fig. la). To cut this joint, I set up a s/;"-wide dado blade sny table saw. Set (lie height lo exactly ialf of the thickness of the support ' ¡nickel. Then, using the miter gauge to help guide the piece, make a pass to •>fine ll ie oulside edge of each half kip. Hnally. make several more passes to -wnove die waste.

Once all the half-laps are cut. the amis -.re cut to filial shape and then glued and -crcwed in place (Fig. 1).

Note: rdrove in a pairof screws from -.ch side (Fig. lb).


c not£: CLLAISjO UilP W////. // FOR CUTOFF STORAGE RAC< /VY/A SU KAfcL ¿8.



*(1fi) rJ:> ftx 1V/ fhvyr>:xivric-/,\

a iu&JOH Brackets (2) lVix2V2-40

"(4) VxV/,1 lagMrrwi

b /vro('l)

at fi) Vit.' v/-.nhm

c Clews (3) 'U X - cut to f<!

'(4) x 4'/." hex bolls

*(1) Vii" nuts

hardware supplies

0> 6'-dia. PVC ppt. 12- long

(6) No. ft x 1" fthwxxlvcrc.v;

•Actual quantity depends on rroun-.ir/j coi-

(16! N:>. 8 x t % • Hi vxxiil« »rvA

figuration See pnty far rirttih

Unused Space Above Stairway


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