Build the Leg Stands

17. Cut the leg posts (C) to size and mark their round tops. Cut the ends using a bandsaw and smooth them using a belt sander. Joint and rip two leg spacers (D) the same widdi as the beam. Miter the top of each spacer at 45 degrees. Counterbore holes in the leg posts using a Forstner bit for die leg-to-spacer bolts and the leg-to-beam bolts. Fasten two posts to each spacer.

18. Cut the base pieces (E) to length and chamfer the ends using a miter saw. Center the leg-and-spacer assembly on each base and mark the location of the lag screws that go into die end of each leg post. Counterbore and pre-drill holes for the screws and washers. Fasten the legs to the bases (Photo 10).

19. Cut braces (F) with 45 degree ends to stiffen this assembly. Fasten them to the posts. Reinforce diese joints widi corner blocks (G). Make the blocks in pairs, starting with 12 in-long pieces mitered at both ends. Cut the blocks to length, then bandsaw and sand dieir rounded ends. Install the blocks with glue and galvanized finish nails (Photo 11). Screw and glue a pair of feet (J) to the bottom of each leg base.

20. Make the stretcher (K) from a 14 ft. 2x4. Counterbore holes and drill pilot holes in the center of the stretcher for the stretcher-to-beam bolts. Attach the stretcher to the legs (Photo 12). Use a framing square to make sure that each leg is 90 degrees to the stretcher (Photo 13).

21. Cut the beam spacer (L) to length and chamfer its ends. Leave a blunt edge about 1/2 in. wide. Place the spac-

From here, building the stand is just a matter of 'screwing, bolting, or nailing pieces together.These pieces form one of the two leg stands supporting the beams.

n Reinforce the triangular braces of each leg stand with short blocks, glued and nailed in place.

stretcher er in the center of the stretcher. Drop the beam in place between the leg posts. It should rest on top of the leg spacers (D). If it doesn't, adjust the beam spacer's thickness or the length of the stretcher (K). Center the beam on the stretcher and clamp it so that it rests in the same location on both leg posts. Attach the beam to the legs. Raise one end of the hammock stand and support it with some low sawhorses or boxes. Fasten the stretcher and spacer to the beam (Photo 14).

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