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This ingenious gift, which imitates an Irish folk-art design, makes a handy table accent piece. The basket is formed by cutting a series of concentric spirals in a wide piece of stock with the band saw table set at an angle. These? angled spiral cuts allow the center of the basket to drop down into a tapered bowl shape or collapse flat for storage.

Vital Statistics: Collapsible Band Saw Basket

Collapsible Planer Boards

TYPE: Collapsible basket OVERALL SIZE; 9s/ieW by 9V2D by 123AL MATERIAL: Red oak JOINERY: None


• Can be made from 1 board ft. of 3/4-in. hardwood

- Basket spiral cuts are made on ttie band saw with the table tilted to 30

- Basket and stand pivot open on screws

■ Project folds flat for storage (See bottom photo) FINISH: Satin potyurethane varnish

Building time

Tools you'll use r>


- Planer and jointer (optional)

Vi hour

' Band saw with 3/i<Hn, scrolling



Ml hour

■ Drill/driver


- Beit sander

1 hour

- Band clamp


V2 hour



3 hours

U. (1) 3A x 10 in. x 2 ft. red oak or (2) 3A x 5 in. x 2 ft, red oak

□ Finishing materials

Brass Band Layout

saw cut

#6 x 1" brass fiathead wood screw

3"-inward beveled basket cuts

saw cut

#6 x 1" brass fiathead wood screw

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