How to ground a dust collection system

A TOOL VAC is a relatively new entry In the dust collection field. It's similar to a shop vac In size and power. Tools are connected to the power source through a receptacle mounted on the tool vac. This allows the vac to shut on and off automatically as the tool Is used.

Feed bare copper ground wire through hose

IDue to Hie dangers of sparking caused by static electricity, a dust collection system should be etectricaJJy grounded so the built-up electricity can escape. Attach a strand of bare copper wire to the metal cabinet of each stationary tool in the dust collection system (assumes that tools are grounded through the power supply system). Drill a small guide hole Into the hose port near the tool and teed the wire Into the hole.

From grounded tools

2Drill exit holes at hole connectors and pigtail ground wires together with a wire nut. You may need to caulk around the wire openings to maintain the vacuum seal.

Homemade Dust Collection System Plans

From grounded tools

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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