How to sharpen chisels

1 Grind off any recks using a bench grinder with a medium-grit wheel (or a coarse-grit sharpening stone). Hold the tool on the flat portion of the tool rest, with the beveled side facing up. Hold the tip against the wheel and move it from side to side, keeping the cutting edge square. Cool the blade frequently with water to keep It from losing Its temper. When all nicks are gone, turn the blade so the cutting edge Is down. Adjust the tool rest so the blade touches the grinding wheel at a 25° bevel. Move the blade from side to side, keeping the blade at a 25° bevel. Continue to cool the blade regularly.

2 Place a few drops of light machine oil on a fine-grit sharpening stone. Place the back of the blade on the whetstone and draw it back and forth several times to remove any burrs.

3Wipe the stone with a clean rag, and apply more oil. Turn the blade over, and hold it at a 25° angle so the bevel Is flat against the stone. Draw the tool back and forth. Here, a bevel guide Is used for a precise edge angle.

4Put a micro-edge on the blade by lifting It slightly so just the tip touches the stone. Draw the blade lightly two or three times along the stone, until a slight burr can be felt along the back of the blade. Turn the blade over, hold it flat (as In step 2) and draw It one time along the stone to remove the burr. Done properly, this will give the chisel a razor-sharp edge.

Stone Intarsia Patterns

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