Add this jewelry box to your list of must-build projects for gift giving, and surprise a special person in your life. Our compact maple jewelry box features walnut accents to highlight the beauty of contrasting wood tones and features a removeable tray with compartments to store many precious trinkets and jewelry. The raised-panel lid and tapered feet and handle give the design a clean, contemporary look.

Vital Statistics: Jewelry Box

TYPE: Jewelry box OVERALL SIZE: 12W by 7H by 8D MATERIAL: Maple JOINERY: Miter, dado, rabbet Joints


• Corner grain matches all around box sides

' Raised-panel lid

- Tray rests on the top edges of bray supports. When lid is opened, tray protrudes above box and can be lifted out

■ Divided tray compartment

■ Walnut feet and handle details

FINISHING OPTIONS: A clear finish, like Danish oil or varnish, is recommended to bring out depth of the mapie mod grain, particularly If curly maple stock is used


Building time


LAYOUT 2-3 hours

ASSEMBLY 2-3 hours rn\ CUTTING PARTS 2-4 hours

ASSEMBLY 2-3 hours

FINISHING 1-2 hours

TOTAL: 9-15 hours

Tools you'll use

* Jointer

- Planer

- Router table with auxiliary fence and featherboard

■ Raised-panel router bit

- Tabie saw

- Dado-biade set

- Bar clamps

- Spring damps

* Sanding station

- Wood chisels

- Combination square

Shopping Eist

□ (1) V4 ¡n. x 2 ft. x 2 ft. maple or birch plywood

□ Wide masking tape or plastic packing tape

□ Finishing materials

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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