Jig takes the math out of beveling molding

Cutting miter-bevels in crown molding oft.on involves tricky math and very precise angles. To simplify the task, use this jig. Join a st raight, board about 3 in. high to a strip of V4-in. plywood about 6 in. wide. These will be the "fence" and "table" of the jig. I'lace a pu ce of crown molding into the "L" formed by the fence and table, and adjust it until the; beveled sides are flush against the fence and table. Mark the position on the table, remove the molding and attach a wood strip at the mark. This strip will hold the molding at the proper angle for bevel-cutting miters.

Wood Nut Jig Template

Bolt and nut won't let wood chips accumulate


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Wood Working 101

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