Knife Storage Block

One of the most useful accessories in any cook's repertoire, a solid-wood knife block keeps blades safely at hand and neatly stored while protecting their sharpened edges. This knife block is sized to fit on countertops beneath wall cabinets, and it's easy to build. Slots for the knives are simply dadoed into one face of each strip before assembly. The knife block is made of beech, a tough, beautiful wood commonly used for kitchen accessories.

Vital Statistics: Knife Storage Block

TYPE: Knife block

OVERALL SIZE: 75/sW by by 10%L


JOINERY: Face-glued laminations, butt Joints reinforced with screws


■ Slots for knives are cut into one face of the block laminations to make alignment easy during glue up

■ Can be built with standard 3/4-ln.-thick stock if you choose tD use a more common hardwood, like maple, for this project

■ Block designed to hide the bottom open ends of the knife slots

■ Legs fasten to the block with screws

FINISH: Clear satin polyurethane

Building time

Tools you'll use


- Table saw

2 hours

- Planer



1 hour

Band saw, scroll saw or jig saw


■ Drill/driver

2 hours ASSEMBLY

- Clamps

1 hour


1 hour

7 hours

□ Moisture-resistant wood glue

□ Finishing materials

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